‘Where do we start with the amazing experience we had with Afterlive Music?

Well, as soon as we walked in we felt instantly welcomed by all the crew members. They are hands-down the best group of people we’ve ever worked with on anything! They were very hospitable in many ways, immediately demonstrated by an absolute feast fresh from the barbecue. It was pretty damn special.

Besides them being a good laugh, they’re also incredibly skilled at their jobs. Each one of them is extremely professional and therefore made a very strong team. There was great communication amongst everybody, ensuring everything was running smoothly.

In terms of the actual recording, everything ran like clockwork. We didn’t feel at all rushed which was great because when playing gigs there’s always really quick turnarounds for sound checks etc. There were no cut corners because all the crew were keen to get the best takes and recordings they could. This attention to detail definitely showed in the end product.

As a band, we’ve never experienced such a professional set up before. It was the first time we have all used wireless IEMs and these were mixed perfectly. It was so refreshing to actually be able to hear each other so evenly. We have never seen such an epic LED wall and lighting rig as well. It made everything look a hundred times better

To be honest, we couldn’t say a bad word about AfterLive Music. We had such a laugh and our recording looked incredible. We want to give our personal thanks to Adam, Jamie, Tom, Steve, Sue, Rick, and Al for all of the hard work they put in for us.’

Couldn’t recommend enough. – Blue Eyed Giants