We are pleased to announce the two lucky recipients of the PLINI & RICHARD HENSHALL – STRANDBERG* SIGNATURE ‘GUITAR CLINIC PRIZE DRAW’.

We would also like to thank .strandberg* Guitars for making this prize possible and generously donating one of their Boden Prog NX 6 Plini Edition to the AfterLive Music to give away; and a massive thank you to PLINI for taking time during his European tour to join the zoom call ‘Meet & Greet’ from Germany and RICHARD joining from the UK.

Here’s a few words from THE WINNERS:

Congratulations to Robby Goh, UK, winning the Boden Prog NX 6 Plini Edition

“The whole .strandberg* experience has been nothing short of amazing – it’s been the best 2 months I’ve had in a long time!

First, I got to meet and hang out with Plini at the clinic for a bit, whose music I have been listening to on repeat for a good 4 years now, then I got to meet and hang out with Richard, whom I didn’t know at the time but wrote amazing music and was really nice and fun to chat to, and Ollie, who was an excellent host and brought quite some fun to the party. I also met some really lovely attendees at the event whom I had really interesting conversations with. It was all good fun and was all I really wanted, but winning the prize draw for a Plini signature guitar brought the excitement to a whole new level! I’ve always dreamed of owning a .strandberg* guitar, but could never quite afford one without having to go hungry for a good part of the year. Having one in my hands just feels so smooth – it’s lightweight, well-balanced, ergonomic, sounds good plugged and unplugged, and just looks and feels so good! .strandberg* are really re-imagining the instrument, and I believe this is the future that the instrument will eventually head towards. A .strandberg* guitar will be what our children will be thinking of when we mention the electric guitar one day.

I’d like to give a big thank you to the teams at Afterlive Music, .strandberg*Plini, Richard, Ollie, Isaac and Ola Strandberg for all the time and effort they’ve put into the whole experience, and for shaping the design of this amazing piece of engineering that I am now a proud owner of. I could not possibly have dreamed of owning this instrument and am truly blessed to have received it. Thank you all very, very much, and I look forward to seeing the advancements .strandberg* bring next to their instruments!” Robby Miguel Goh

Congratulations to Sam Magliaro, USA , winning the Virtual Meet & Greet! 

“I’ve always liked guitar clinics for their candid nature, but they rarely come close enough for me to attend in person. Being able to tune in live online and watch the VOD later was a blessing, and I wish it was standard practice! Winning a Zoom call with Plini and Rich was the cherry on top. We had a meandering conversation about music, travel, work, etc., and it was refreshing for it to be such a casual chat. Overall, I’m left feeling grateful and a tad bit humbled for the chance to shoot the breeze over my morning coffee with two musicians who inspire me. Thanks Plini and Rich, and thank you to Strandberg Guitars and AfterLive Music!”Sam Magliaro


A big shout out to everyone that attended, streamed the event and entered into the prize draw. We had viewers from 35 countries join us for this unique format clinic maximising the accessibility for PLINI, RICHARD (HAKEN), OLLIE and STRANDBERG’s fanbase.

AfterLive Music looks forward to producing and bringing future events like this to you.

The .strandberg* signature guitar clinic took place at Colours, Hoxton, London on Wednesday 27th July 2022. 

Check out the event trailer here.

Cover Photograph by Shirlene Goh | Screen shot taken by Plini | Group selfie taken by Ollie Winiberg.