AfterLive Music is a digital content production company based in South London, geared towards the online live music performance sector. We embrace the modern evolution of the music industry, providing services for the ‘new normal’ of online and hybrid concerts. We specialise in live music production, audio, film, videography and photography, and provide an all-in-one service, creating a range of ‘as-live’ and ‘real-time’ products for artists, management, promoters and labels.


We never miss a beat, delivering high-quality audio alongside engaging visual content that will make you stand out from the crowd. Employing our extensive knowledge and experience of live music production, studio work, touring and events we can provide a full range of technical services. We can facilitate everything from a drum recording, function band show reel and promotional live performance session to a full length set with production, filmed and edited in real time and in one take.


We are committed to producing an ‘in-the-moment’ experience for audiences with engaging video content, from a single camera shoot to a multi camera production filmed at our studio or on location. Our talented film crew work hard to convey the energy and atmosphere of live performances, and make sure we capture the distinctive details fans want to see. Our objective is to present the performer in the very best light while maintaining our high standards for audio and video quality.
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