You can now watch the exclusive London .strandberg* Signature Guitar Clinic (July 2022) Available in full for free on the .strandberg* Guitars YouTube channel. An exclusive evening with two extremely talented prog guitarists PLINI and RICHARD HENSHALL (HAKEN) together in one room, presented by the awesome Ollie Winiberg (Curator and host of Spotify podcast ‘The Heavy Hooks Show’).

You are guaranteed to see and hear all the notes! with our live audio broadcast mix and HD multicam production.

This HYBRID event was produced by our team at AfterLive Music in partnership with .strandberg* guitars. A sold out attended event, streamed live to a global audience held at the Colours Hoxton in London. The format of the clinic included a live chat, improvised jam, performances, and audience Q & A – answering questions from within the room and online chat moderated by AfterLive Music.



AfterLive Music would also like to thank .strandberg* Guitars for making our ‘Guitar Clinic Prize Draw’ giveaway possible for the event by generously donating one of their BODEN PROG NX 6 PLINI EDITION; and a massive thank you to both artists for the prize, Zoom call ‘VIRTUAL MEET & GREET’ with PLINI taking time during his European tour in Germany and RICHARD joining from the UK. Here’s a few words from THE WINNERS: WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT! – AfterLive Music .Strandberg* Signature ‘Guitar Clinic Prize Draw’.

A big shout out to everyone that attended, streamed the event and entered into the prize draw. We had viewers from 35 countries join us for this unique format clinic maximising the accessibility for Plini, Richard (HAKEN), Ollie and Strandberg’s fanbase.

AfterLive Music looks forward to producing and bringing future events like this to you.

CURIOUS TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THEIR SIGNATURE MODELS? Explore the Boden NX 8 Richard Henshall Edition Boden Prog NX 6 Plini Edition and Boden Plini Edition Neck-Thru Black.



Plini: Website / Instagram / YouTube / Facebook

Richard Henshall: Website / Instagram / YouTube / Facebook / HAKEN

.strandberg*: Website / Support / Magazine

Ollie Winiberg: Website / Instagram / ‘The Heavy Hooks Show’ – Spotify Podcast

The Strandberg signature guitar clinic took place at Colours, Hoxton, London on Wednesday 27th July 2022.

Check out the Event Trailer here // Watch the Full Signature .strandberg* Guitar Clinic here.